Theoretically Declared

Brainy said..

Dearly Kenny,
Feeling is a concept. You create the concept.
It's not something that happen as it does, it's something happen in purpose, in a way you want it to be, in a way you secretly pray, in a way you whisper it softly, when only your heart can hear, and no ears know.
Feeling is private. It's somebody's business.
Nobody have rights to know, nobody have rights to control, nobody have rights to destroy. Not even him, the one that has the privilege to be the object.
Feeling is something that even ego can not win. It's something that consists of all of the senses. Thing when bravery and power dominate, to make you braver and have the power to stand with your own bare feet.
Feeling is when dignity kills all of the rest, tries to destruct the defence, ruins the concept, breaks the hopes.
While missing is smelling his presence in free air, seeing he laughs in the puddle, hearing his small talk in the noise, and feeling his warm breath in your cheek. Missing is not about missing somebody, but about missing the feeling itself. Feeling that somebody slowly forces you to describe, to create reason, to expect, to put a lil hope. While it shouldn't be actually like that. It's not about what I was trying to long explain before, it's not theory, it's nature. Feeling is to feel. To feel the peanut butter in the bottom of your ice coffee glass.

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